Friday, April 12, 2013

So do me that favor and tell me the good news first

This is my long-belated, somewhat-abbreviated post about the good parts of our trip to Texas.

We spent a night in Houston, at the home of Jay's aunt & uncle, and then hit the road the next day to go to Austin.

I utterly fell in love with Austin.  It was one of the cities I considered when I was deciding where to move from Baltimore, so that's not totally surprising. I told Jay at one point I was having buyer's remorse over moving to Portland, and that it was a good thing I love him as much as I do, or I might change my mind.  I was mostly kidding, but I felt such a powerful and immediate connection to the energy in Austin.

We ate our body weight in awesome food, stopping at the Salt Lick, the Hula Hut (caution: music), and the Hyde Park Bar & Grill.  Eating at Hula Hut was an item on my bucket list, so check that one off successfully. I was waddling by the time we got back to Houston.

Going back to Houston led us to the not-so-good parts of the Texas trip.  Another post, coming soon.

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