Monday, December 17, 2012

Pull up your head off the floor, come up screaming

My mind is playing tricks on me today.  My previous post featured a title that came from lyrics from a Big Country song.  In looking for a YouTube video for that song, I ran across one that started with singer/songwriter Stuart Adamson speaking into a microphone.  The sound of his voice drove me to tears.

I thought I knew why: Adamson committed suicide 11 years ago around this time of year, and I miss him still as if I had known him, as if he had been my brother.  I always grieve for him as this part of the year rolls around, and clearly my mind thought I needed reminding.

The trick? Yesterday was in fact the 11th anniversary of that event, and tomorrow the anniversary of the police reporting he had killed himself, rather than having disappeared, as was originally thought.

Already morose and weepy from the Clackamas mall shootings and the Newtown, CT shootings, I am grieving more.

Too much pain in the world.  I breathe in pain and breathe out light and love for all who are suffering.

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