Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cool stuff at OHSU

Because I'm me, and my appointment on Monday was up the hill, and because I'm constitutionally incapable of finding my way up and back down the hill by car, I parked at the Waterfront clinic and took the tram up to the hospital.

For anyone who's thinking about visiting Portland, if you come during clear weather season, you can get a spectacular view of the city and the river from the tram.  If you come in rainy weather, you get a lovely view, but somewhat more limited.

Of course, because I'm me, I didn't take pictures of the view.  The tram swings at one point during its trip and I have to focus very carefully on the floor not to let my vertigo get the better of me.

Instead, I took some shots when I got back down to the Waterfront end of things.

I was originally drawn by these shapes:
which turned out to be one end of this:

Then I looked to the right, and saw the main attraction:

This said "Dr." at the beginning of the name; I just missed the shot

The area where the ship-thing is is where the windows in the oncology clinic waiting room look over. I've spent many an hour sitting there, looking at the warehouse (which you can see a tiny bit of in the first shot, on the left side of the shot). But never in all that time was there actually something sitting on the asphalt. Until today, I never knew what that warehouse was.

So, that was a cool thing on an otherwise not-so-cool day.

A few more shots at the Flickr set.

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