Sunday, July 13, 2014

Achievements unlocked

The house is almost completely mine now.

New/old dining room table, new sofa, all but one box unpacked. Closets rearranged, with a couple of exceptions, kitchen mostly arranged to my liking and with a mix of my stuff and Jay's stuff.

Walls slowly being populated with my art, or at least plans for same, in with a mix of Jay's stuff that I either love or am sentimentally attached to.

The hardest news this weekend was finding out that my mother is going into a nursing home. That combined with the moving of house stuff was tough.

Decent progress, unsettled emotions. Another day, another day of grief, another day of recovery.

One foot in front of the other.


  1. sorry about your mom. But congrats on the unpacking/moving progress. Hugs.

  2. Peace of mind seems to amount to how well we can merge seemingly opposite emotions, reactions and desires. It's a struggle and you seem up to it although it may not feel so on many days. Thank you for continuing to provide updates. You are thought of often and always wished wellness.