Saturday, July 27, 2013

It's never planned, changes just kinda happen

I've been getting some lovely communication from all over the place.  Thank you all so much for your love and support - it really means a lot.

But a theme has come to light that I want to address.

A number of people are praising me for staying with Jay in his time of need, and while I deeply appreciate the sentiment, there are a lot of assumptions there that I realize I want to talk more about.

I came into Jay's life at a time when he was relatively healthy, but I knew that his cancer wasn't cured, and that his treatment to date had been spectacularly unsuccessful.  I consciously chose to come into his life, knowing what that might mean.

I read every word of his cancer blogging, and every word of his previous girlfriend's cancer blogging. I wanted to be sure that I had the strength to commit to what I was likely to endure with him.  I wanted to know the texture of the emotions that go along with a journey like this.  I already knew I was interested in him, and potentially interested in him in a serious way.  I had no idea whether that interest would be returned or how seriously.  That we've bonded as strongly as we have is a daily miracle to me.

I chose this path with all my heart and all my mind, and to even contemplate walking away from it now would be the basest act of cowardice.

So the short version of this is: praising me for staying with Jay is like praising me for breathing.  I love him beyond reason, and will be here through the bitter end, and beyond.  Nothing but my own end will take me away from him.


  1. But of course.

    To paraphrase "The Princess Bride": this is True Love; Do you think this happens every day?

  2. Very beautifully phrased, Lisa. I strongly feel that many other couples in the position you and Jay find yourselves are in have similar emotions. Quite honestly, it never even occurred to L- or I that you might be "staying" with Jay "in his time of need".

    Speaking of mutual: how about some BBQ again some day when schedules permit? We always enjoy seeing you. :)