Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I'm alright, I tell myself twice in the mirror before I can't go to sleep at night

So my dreams last night involved a chair not unlike Jay's African throne (no kidding) and my precious, irreplaceable jewels having been tossed carelessly on and around the chair.  All were broken in ways that were irreparable.  No need for dream analysis there.  My dream mind is not exactly being subtle at the moment.

The weirder thing was the dream where I was telling Jay about the first dream.  I don't think I've ever had a meta-dream before.

It was very weird to wake up and not be sure whether I had actually told Jay about the dream or not.

Last night was a weird night for sleep, anyway.  I got to sleep about 10 and was awakened at 11:30 by the nocturnal wanderings of a member of the household (no, that is not a euphemism) and didn't get back to sleep until after 1.  Since I get up around 5, and truly need 7-8 hours sleep, I woke up in a fog, pretty useless.

Wondering what tonight's dreamscape will bring.

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