Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Where bobby pins hold angel wings, it's alright

Many disparate things make a post:

  1. Still waiting to hear when we're going to Jay's second opinion consult.  We think we know the schedule, but I will only believe it when the airline tickets have been bought.
  2. I'm finding myself really looking forward to flying with Jay.  My ex and I never managed to get on a plane together in nearly 25 years of marriage.  I'm not a good flier, but Jay is, so that will help.
  3. Finding it very amusing to realize that I'm living in the shadow of a volcano.
  4. Currently working on grappling with the realization that the old tapes that play in my head are really a way of my mind trying to find ground.  This will no doubt become a full blog post at some point, once I have a better sense of what this all means from a psychological and Buddhist perspective.  I'll be curious to see what my therapist has to say today about this.
  5. I'm bummed not to be going to the Wil Wheaton vs. Paul and Storm show in Portland tonight.  Even if nothing else were going on, it's so rare for me to stay up that late.  Still bummed ...
  6. I'm taking a class in my recovery community on veggies.  My housemate the lovely Nancy is introducing me slowly to veggies I didn't think I liked, most notably brussels sprouts.  Between her and this class, I might finally conquer the vegetable world.

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