Saturday, February 23, 2013

And the sun that calls through the window every morning is a doorway

Spending another weekend with my lovely housemate Nancy.  We're going out glasses shopping for me today, and strategizing what to do with my hair.  I'm currently thinking about a minor haircut, followed by a major color stripe of some variety.  We'll see what we can come up with.

I've also discovered that my bed is trashed.  It groans and creaks every time I roll over, sounding like an old woman trying to stand up from an overstuffed chair on a cold day.  Never mind doing anything more athletic than rolling over.  I can make the bed rock back and forth just with two fingers of one hand on the frame.

So a new bed is in order.

First thing is to get the headboard out of the room and into the garage with all the other furniture to be hauled away.  Then I need to go to Ikea and buy storage bins to replace the drawers that are under the current bed.  Then I can order my new bed online from Ikea, unless I decide to buy a bed from the same place Jay got his.  I know that bed is sturdy enough, so that might be the better choice.

Still unpacking boxes, slowly finding places for everything, slowly ceasing to feel like I'm living in a live-action jigsaw puzzle.

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