Tuesday, January 29, 2013

So hang your hopes on rusted-out hinges, take ’em for a ride

So it's been a week since Jay's surgery.  I don't think I've ever been more tired in my life.  Trying to work and take care of him and not worry and worrying anyway and thinking I'm going to screw up the medication schedule and trying to get myself unpacked at the new house so my lovely housemate doesn't have to keep dodging my boxes ...

OK, now I get why I'm tired.

And now we've got the oncology follow-ups to think about, and the results and analysis of the tumor genome sequencing, and the upcoming yet-to-be-definitively-scheduled "second opinion" ...

Trying to keep this all in my head is exhausting.

But in the end, it's all about Jay's life, and I can't complain about that.  Whatever it takes to keep him alive, in good health, and with quality of life, that's what we'll do, right up to the point where he says, no more.

So onward I go, doing everything I can to make sure he has what he needs to heal from surgery, and to be as much of a support to him as I can be through this whole process, no matter where it takes us.

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  1. it's a lot to do, and keep straight. I hope you take time for you, to rest, to recharge, to just be. It can be tempting to give your all, but you have to take care of yourself or you can't take care of anyone else. [[[hugs]]]