Thursday, July 3, 2014

A couple of thoughts about time

Yesterday was the day of missed appointments. My poor therapist missed our appointment completely, having missed moving my date in their book.  And a contractor coming to do some work was never alerted to be here, and so was over an hour late from what would have been their original appointment.

As I said to a friend, I don't even have to be dating to be stood up. Maybe I should view it as good practice.

* * *

I'm now fully in the realm of electronic calendars.  It's so nice to enter something on my computer and have it show up on my phone, and vice versa.  One place for everything, where even I can't forget it, assuming I remember to enter it in the first place.

But I have to confess that I miss turning the pages of an old-fashioned paper calendar, looking at the pictures for each month, writing in the little squares, x-ing out the days as they pass if I'm waiting for a particular day to arrive.

It's kind of how I feel about physical books versus e-books.  I miss the smell and feel of a physical book, but it's so much easier to carry a device that can have hundreds of books on it. With that device, my arms don't ache from carrying the load, and my hands don't hurt from holding the book.

And now we're living in the future.


  1. I do both -- I have an outlook calendar at work, that syncs to my google calendar so I have it at home, on my phone, etc. But I still print two months (this and next) and have them up on my wall of my office, because I need the paper connection to time. And I do the white board for the family calendar every month. Because I am a "belts and suspenders" kind of person -- too many missed appointments in my past!

  2. I SO here you about both calendars and books. Though it makes me giggle every time when I'm standing there, obviously putting my next appoint in my phone when the person offers to write me an appointment card. (Note: These are typically the same people who either auto-call or email me to remind me of my next appointment. I guess they're really paranoid about being stood up.)

    I still have a lot of physical books. However, I rarely touch them. I did pick up a hymnal yesterday to research songs that my adult chorus might do in the Fall. When I switched to e-reading years ago, I thought that I would miss the physicality of 'books'. However, I quickly adapted. I love the feel of my reader in my hands. I try never to leave the house without it. Heaven forbid I should find myself in a situation where I have even five minutes to kill and I can't invest that time reading one of my current books! And packing it in my purse is so much easier than stuffing a fat book in there.

  3. I feel the same way about paper vs. electronic books/calendars. But while I have embraced ebooks and ecalendars, I cannot embrace having an electronic private journal, in spite of having several blogs. When it comes to my private musings, there is something about the physical act of putting fountain pen to paper that drops me into a meditate state. Typing doesn't do that for me.