Friday, January 18, 2013

I bring to you this sacrificial offering of virgin ears

Been too busy and distracted to post, so here's some tidbits to keep this thing going:

  • Finally scheduled the POD delivery to the house Nancy & I are renting.  Moving day is coming soon - yay!  It'll be so good to have a home base that has all my stuff in it.
  • Jay's surgery is this coming Tuesday, and to celebrate (or whatever's appropriate), he got his hair cut (scroll down to see the pic).  That's my partner, ladies and gentlemen.
  • I'm getting better at navigating this fair city.  I think this process will accelerate once I'm going places from the new house, and I'm looking forward to learning a new part of town.
  • I've started therapy with a Buddhist-oriented therapist.  So many things to talk about, so many issues to work through.  I have high hopes of gaining some clarity on things that have dogged me for years.
  • This weekend is bringing weather I've never experienced before.  We're under an air stagnation advisory through Tuesday.

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