Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wait for the sky to remind you these things are true...

Much progress made today.

Assuming I don't find any hidden corners of the house that I've just flat forgotten to pack, I'm thinking I'm about 98% done with packing.  Freecycling is still ongoing, but I'm less concerned about that now that I've got the junk pickup scheduled; the big stuff to Freecycle has pretty much already gone, so I'm in good shape.

But I'm now officially bedless.  I stripped the sheets off the mattress this morning, the bed having already been disassembled during Jay's visit (bless him for doing that).  The sheets have been washed and packed and the mattress is in its storage cover, standing up against one wall, making room for all the packing boxes needed for the rest of the bedroom stuff.

I'm feeling pretty good - I estimated I'd pack about 50 boxes, and am currently at 51 with just a few left to pack.

Not too bad.

Lots of positive news from home, including more pictures of the new bed that was delivered yesterday.

So everything is good.  Now if I could just find some more energy so I'm not dragging myself around for the rest of my time here ...


  1. Momentum is your friend, dearlove. xoxogg

  2. Heh, I didn't pick the name of this blog by accident. LOL xoxogg