Monday, September 17, 2012

Starting again ...

I'm currently in the process of packing up my house in Baltimore and moving to Portland, OR.

Enough people have asked me to keep them up-to-date on my moving progress, my drive across the country, and my settling-in to Portland that I thought I would just bite the bullet and start blogging again.

Fair warning - I am an intermittent blogger at best. Maybe this series of events will be something that will motivate me to blog more regularly, but my record is against me.

But this is a grand adventure, with a new life at the other end. If that's not enough to get me writing, what am I waiting for?


  1. Ha! I thought you were changing your mind. "... and moving to Portland, OR." -- or where? I'm glad you're writing. Get warmed up with a blog and then write -- well, all that stuff you have in you.

  2. Hopefully, you can add a blogger app to your phone, and do some "photo blogging" on the cross country drive. That would be sweet!