Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Every morning I've got a new chance

Singing glory hallelujah - with the exception of my clothes and toiletries, I think I'm done packing. I suppose I could still trip over something I've missed, and I still need to take the drafting table apart, but I wandered through the house tonight and couldn't find anything big that I'd missed.


Off to shower and then fall asleep, and dream of my POD arriving tomorrow, and dream more of home and my loved ones waiting there for me.

9 days to Portland ...


  1. Yay! All the stuff is out of the basement and upstairs? That is truly impressive. Who is helping you pack the POD?

  2. Oh, all the stuff is still in the basement, but that will be dealt with after I leave. And I hired movers to load the POD - superwoman, I ain't ... LOL