Thursday, December 6, 2012

When you're learning to face the path at your pace, every choice is worth your while

Jay & I have known each other for six months as of today.

The changes I made in my life over those six months were crazy speedy for anyone who knows me well.  I'm not impulsive and I overthink everything, so to be where I am now, both emotionally and physically, feels somewhat shocking when I look back over it all.  It all feels right as I'm living it, but the momentum shift that it took me to get here, and that it all worked, never ceases to surprise me.

The name of this blog was chosen carefully to reflect that change in momentum, and to remind me not to lose that sense of forward motion.

I feel incredibly blessed that the man I fell in love with six months ago loves me, too, and that we can keep that love going in the circumstances we're in.


  1. Happy six months...? Thank you for being here.

  2. Very happy six months. So glad to be here.

  3. I am so happy that you have found abundant love.